As an organizational support unit of the Office of the Executive Dean of Agriculture and Natural Resources, we partner with the faculty and staff to meet wide-ranging communication needs. Our aim is to utilize organizational information in multiple formats, venues, and media. These include: marketing, promotion, and recruitment materials; website development; legislative and advocacy efforts; Executive Dean's office communications (speeches and presentations); departmental identity, awareness, and branding; reports (annual reports, monthly and topic/audience-specific); internal communications (dean's monthly message, email broadcasts); event planning; public and media relations; publication development (fact sheets, newsletters, curricula, reports, etc.).

Head shot of Mike Green.

Mike Green
Martin Hall, Rm. 111
Mike is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Office of Communications and Marketing. He ensures that organizational communication needs are met and new communication tools are developed, implemented, evaluated, and reengineered as necessary to meet our clientele's needs. As part of the Executive Dean's office, Mike works with university units, the school, and the experiment station to ensure greater organizational coordination, consistency, and clarity of all communication.

Head shot of Lori Nardoza.

Lori Nardoza
Senior Graphic Designer
Martin Hall, Rm. 111
Lori has experience in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. She is the head graphic designer for all Office of Communications and Marketing publications, print materials, templates, and other graphic outputs. Lori ensures that all publications projects adhere to Rutgers University visual identity standards. She also provides graphic design support for web services as required.

Head shot of Susanne Ruemmele.

Susanne Ruemmele
Web Developer
Foran Hall, Rm. 101
Susanne is responsible for maintenance and support of multiple school and experiment station websites.

Head shot of Jennifer Simon.

Jennifer Simon
Editorial and Media Relations Specialist
Martin Hall, Rm. 111
Jennifer is responsible for the creation of content for the SEBS and NJAES Newsroom, as well as content creation, implementation, and evaluation for the SEBS and NJAES digital and social media accounts. Jennifer creates, implements, and distributes the Office of Communication and Marketing newsletters and supports office personnel with the development of content for the SEBS alumni and development magazine Explorations and the NJAES Annual Report.

Head shot of Paula Walcott-Quintin.

Paula Walcott-Quintin
Executive Communications Specialist
Martin Hall, Rm. 111
Paula Walcott-Quintin is responsible for internal and external communications related to the Office of the Executive Dean, including speeches and presentations as well as provides content, input, and feedback on major Office of Communications and Marketing publications, including annual reports. She also provides writing and editorial support for web spotlights and the SEBS and NJAES Newsroom.

Head shot of Bonnie Wasielewski. Bonnie Wasielewski

Web Designer/Developer
Martin Hall, Rm. 113
Bonnie is responsible for core school and experiment station website development and maintenance; Dreamweaver template development and support; and Wordpress support.

Head shot of Phil Wisneski.

Phil Wisneski
Web & Database Designer/Developer
Martin Hall, Rm. 113
Phil is responsible for development, maintenance, and support of core school and experiment station websites, web applications, databases, and Dreamweaver templates. He is the main contact for the school and experiment station online calendars, website accessibility, and Qualtrics support.

Head shot of Moira Keihm.

Moira Keihm
Administrative Coordinator
Martin Hall, Room 116
Moira provides administrative support to the Advancement division, including logistics for events, travel, meetings, and campus visits, in addition to coordinating fiscal responsibilities and human resources tasks. She performs copyediting and writing assignments and creates content for digital signage on the George H. Cook campus.